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Concerning Donations

Thank you for supporting ClanFGA
If you wish to donate to ClanFGA, please understand...

1. Donating, or not donating, does not affect our decision to issue you an invitation to join ClanFGA.
2. Donating will not protect you from a server ban.
3. Donating to ClanFGA does not entitle you to tell us how to manage our servers or community in general.
4. Donations are final and non-refundable.

With these understandings, if you still wish to donate to ClanFGA - thank you very much.

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  DigitalCipher  Sep-4
  Yuri  Sep-4
  Rev-the-wild-kitten  Sep-3
  Shortyp08  Sep-3
  Mama  Sep-2
  KwameKilpatrickIAC  Sep-2
  ChickenButt   Sep-2
  merlinmech  Sep-2
  Chubonga93  Sep-2
  Bullet_Magnet  Sep-1
If you wish to donate by mail, send a check or money order to:

Rick Tappan
415 N Pettett St.
Elm Creek, Nebraska 68836

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DigitalCipher Sep-4
Yuri Sep-4
Rev-the-wild-kitten Sep-3
Shortyp08 Sep-3
Mama Sep-2
KwameKilpatrickIAC Sep-2
ChickenButt Sep-2
merlinmech Sep-2
Chubonga93 Sep-2
Bullet_Magnet Sep-1

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